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About Jema

Abstract nature artist Jema painting on her easel

I was the small-town girl who married her middle school sweetheart.

Jon worked crazy hours at a bank and I stayed home with four kids. The stress of life guided us.

Fourteen years into our marriage and the weight of our past was too heavy. Our marriage broke and our lives shattered. It was an opportunity for healing and therapy.

So, we sold it all to live in an RV and began healing as individuals, as a couple, and as parents.

The one-year adventure led to eight years of RV life. We went from surviving to thriving.


Now, I paint to express myself. I write to share the relationship journey. I speak to offer gentle advice and normalize the uncomfortable pieces of being human.

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About the Art

Artist Statement

Inspiration for my art originated from the lakes I explored as a child in Northern Minnesota.
As I travel the world, I cherish memories of adventures near the water with my family from exploring the hot springs in National Parks to paddling in a native canoe in the Panama Canal.

For me, water is about connection.

  • Water connects us in our humanity across the globe no matter our race, ethnicity, beliefs, or differences.
  • Water connects us to a sense of calm and our creativity. 
  • Water connects me to the reality that life is in continuous motion, as water is ever-changing it encourages me to continue to change and grow.

My artwork connects loving, fun, adventurous experiences with water to be soaked in from the walls of luxury spas, resorts, or within your own home.


  • 2011  International Women Celebrate @ Ayr Space Gallery, Canada
  • 2010  Smith Douglas Moore House Eden Prairie, MN
  • 2010  Foot in the Door 4 @ Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN


  • 2007  “Lilly Oncology on Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey International Art Competition and Exhibition @ Royal College of Art, London and Metropolitan Pavilion, New York
  • 2006-2009  Salute to the Arts @ Franklin Art Center, MN
  • 2006  “Eleven ‘06” @ Evelyn Matthies’ Porthole Gallery, MN
  • 2006  “Surrender to Serenity” solo show @ Evelyn Matthies’ Porthole Gallery,  MN

Public Art Project

  • 2011-2018 Inspire to Inspire tour